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CS Coatings is a contracting company that offer our services to a wide range of clientele across the UK and Ireland. We utilise a diverse range of specialist coatings for all roofing, flooring, tanking and asbestos management needs.  Established in 2008, we strive to offer a professional and efficient service, job assurance and client satisfaction, with up to 25 years guarantee.  We use only the highest quality materials and guarantee the highest standard of workmanship.


  • Roofing Cleaning & Coating
  • Flooring Cleaning & Coating
  • Tanking Cleaning & Coating 
  • Asbestos Management


We will consider any job and offer a totally free and confidential quotation service.  Call us for an easy, no-fuss, no-obligation quote.

Services we offer:

We specialise in 6 key areas: liquid roofing systems, flooring systems.tank lining systems, asbestos encapsulation, gutter lining systems and steel coatings. Click below to find out more information, or if you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Lining Systems

Tank and bund lining systems to protect against corrosion and spillage.

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Steel Coatings

Anti corrosive coatings for steel work

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Liquid Roofing Systems

Guaranteed to last up to 25 years. This system is cold applied, i.e. no naked flame or heat is used, and subsequently reduces any risk to the building or personnel within.

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Floor Systems

High durability hard wearing floor systems used in areas ranging from residential communal corridors to large warehouses.

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Asbestos Encapsulation

This system extends the life span of an asbestos roof without contravening the strict guidelines of the Health & Safety Executive.

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Guttering Systems

Gutter lining system with up to 20 year guarantee.

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